Where is Abaco?

Abaco is a group of pristine islands and cays in the Northern part of The Bahamas. Located some 180 miles out of West Palm Beach in Florida, you need not go far in order to find white beaches, luke warm, crystal clear waters for amazing snorkeling. These waters are perfect for sailing, boating and fishing, which makes Abaco the number one choice for many returning visitors.

Where is Guana Cay?

Guana Cay is one of the most beautiful and tranquil islands in the area, with miles and miles of white beaches, few people and a warm and friendly atphmosphere. You can keep to yourself and walk the almost empty beaches in quiet contemplation, or party your head off at Nipper's, Grabber's or Pirates Cove Tikibar. The variety in options makes Guana Cay the perfect vacation spot.

Why should you choose Abaco for your vacation?

The lifestyle is laid back, the dress code is informal, and people are friendly. No hustle and bustle here, just a simple enjoyment of life. Great Guana Cay is perfect if you don't like crowds and standing in line on your vacation. Here you can chat with everyone and have fun, while you have the luxury of feeling totally safe.

Abaco is a group of islands and cays located in the northern part of The Bahamas, some 180 miles east of West Palm Beach in Florida


Beach in Guana Cay, Abaco

If you find yourself asking the question: “Where is Abaco?” you have probably not heard of Great Guana Cay either. Now this is about to change, because you're about to discover one amazing, but little known fact - that Great Guana Cay is one of the most pristine and beautiful cays in the Bahamas. If you're looking for peace and quiet - it's there. If you're looking to socialize or party - that's right there too. Guana has miles and miles of white, sandy beach - just waiting to be explored. Perfect for walking, running, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, tanning or collecting shell, sea glass or sea beans. Maybe you’ll even find an antique glass ball that has floated ashore. When you go strolling down the beach, you'd be surpriced if you meet anyone else.

Nippers in Guana CayWhen you feel totally at peace and are ready to socialize, you can visit one of the beach bars & Restaurants, all with beautiful views.


At famous Nipper’s Beach Bar and Restaurant you can overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

Nipper’s is open every day, from morning to late evening.  If you like a crowd, you should visit on a Sunday, when they serve their pig roast. You can eat as much as you want for $20.

Nippers on Guana Cay

Nipper's has an air conditioned, indoor restaurant called "Overso" and a gift shop with beach wear, jewelry, bags, souvenirs and cigars. You would probably want to try the Nipper juice, a tropical drink that is a lot stronger than it tastes...

This drink makes it is easy to forget your beach bag, cell phone, children, husband, etc. Nipper's at Sundays are for enjoying life with a crowd, and watching people dancing on the tables. You may find yourself dancing on a table too... Don't say you haven't been warned...


Grabbers in Guana Cay

If you walk down the Front Street winding along the harbor, you will find Grabber’s Bed Bar & Grill at the end of the street. It will take you only 10 minutes by foot from Nipper's. Grabber's is located by the Sea of Abaco, on Sunset Beach, and yeah, the sunset is breathtaking from there.

At Grabber's you can hang out in deckchairs on the beach, or in a hammock while you are watching the sailboats anchoring up at Fisher's Bay. You can get on a paddle board and paddle around the small rock you see out in the bay, or get in a two person kayak to go with a friend and paddle up along the shore line. If your in good shape, you might even end up at Baker's Bay.

Grabber's in Guana CayOn Sundays you'll often find a local band playing caribbean rythms. If you're lucky, you'll even see and hear someone playing on a saw.

Grabbers is a nice choice for lunch and dinner, or just a drink. Also here they serve their own concoction of a dangerous tropical drink. This one is rightly called Guana Grabber, so watch it so you don't start grabbing on other people.


Sunsetters at Orchid Bay Marina, Guana Cay At the opposide end of the harbour from Grabber's, you'll find Orchid Bay Marina, with a swimming pool (reserved for Marina guests) and a bar/restaurant called "Sunsetters." They have an inside restaurant with airconditioning, but also a stunning deck where you can watch all the boats enter the harbour.


Kids Cove

Kids CoveBetween Nipper’s and Grabber’s - right on the Front Street - you'll find Kids’s Cove, overlooking the peaceful harbor in Guana Cay. Kid’s Cove is a tikibar with an outdoor, informal restaurant.

As you can see from the picture below, watching the sunset from Kid's Cove is not a bad experience. You can look over to the marina in Orchid Bay, or enjoy the view of boats from all over the world anchored in the protected harbour.

Since Kid's Cove is situated on the Front Street, everyone is passing there, whether they are on their way to Nipper's to party, or on their way to the grocery store.


The general population in Guana consists of no more than 150 people.  In addition there are at least as many second home-owners, but they are all rarely on the island at the same time. And then we have tourists, of course, which we welcome with a smile. The locals are friendly and most of them would greet you with a "hi" and a wave on passing. If you have questions, everyone will be more than happy to help you.

Guana Cay has one small school with only 5-6 pupils. The rest of the kids take the ferry over to Marsh Harbour to go to private schools.


There are lots of opportunities to go shopping for gifts for yourself and anyone else. All the bars and restaurants have gift shops, featuring their own brand. In addition you will find two more clothing stores, one grocery store, one drugstore and one liquor store. You shouldn’t want for anything in Guana Cay.

Dolphins in Guana CayYou can go scuba diving, rent a golf cart or a bicycle and tour the whole island. Which is quickly done, since it is only 7 miles long and only 5 of them are public. At each end of the island there are gated communities – Orchid Bay and Baker’s Bay - with marinas. Orchid Bay Marina is open to anyone.

If you plan to visit by boat, there are several places in the harbor you can dock if you don’t want to use a buoy or anchor up. If you're lucky, you might spot a couple of dolphins playing in the harbour.